A container friendly startup routine for Packmaker servers.

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packinit is a Python based startup routine for Packmaker based modded Minecraft servers. It can be run on any Linux system and in any container at present. It can be configured via environment variables, flags, and soon config files. (ini, yaml and toml formats are being considered)

It works by using Packmaker to download all mods based on a Packmaker yaml and lock file. It will download the latest mods, and sync the updated configuration and mods into the server directory in a stateful way that preserves runtime data, like the world.

Like Packmaker, packinit can be given multiple pack files, which it will merge from first to last provided. This allows pack developers to release a server with pack related mods, and for server administrators to add their own maintenance packs, with mods for backup; sleep voting; and maps for example.

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